What We Do:



Unlike typical medical facilities, we heal through a personalized care plan that’s customized for you based on your healthcare journey. We humbly treat all of our patients with the same level of love, care and respect we would want for our own mothers, sisters and daughters. At the Eve Center, you are more than a number to us. You are the center of our care.



We believe that wisdom is the key to empowerment. That is why we equip every female who walks through our doors with educational classes, workshops, bible studies and resources to teach and remind her about her true value and worth.



We celebrate with those who rejoice! We firmly belief that when one of us not only survives, but thrives, we all do. We celebrate with you as you heal your mind, body and spirit, become wholly restored, and lock arms with you as you also lift others up to do the same.

Our Mission

To heal the mind, body and spirit of every female. To restore her back to God’s original design of her – to be the light, the heart and the mother of this world.

Health & Wellness Services for Women of All Ages

Meet the Founder


Compelled by a deep-seated belief that it is God’s purpose for her to be of service to the healing needs of girls and women, Ellen Church found her calling while visiting Thailand in 2012. While there, she was deeply affected by her first and glaring exposure to the global sex trade. As a victim herself of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of her father, the effects of seeing first-hand the blatant abuse of girls as young as 10 years old created a drive in Ellen to facilitate change. Unfortunately, like many young girls and women, it isn’t just sexual abuse that Ellen is familiar with. She also knows the devastating effects of mental, physical and spiritual abuse. In addition to surviving the trauma of her childhood, Ellen also endured single motherhood, a son addicted to drugs, cervical cancer, and cardiac surgery to seal a hole in her heart.

It took over ten years of therapy, cancer treatments and recovery for Ellen to heal mentally and physically, but it wasn’t until she found salvation through her faith in Jesus that she was healed spiritually and wholly. Now, Ellen has the hindsight to see that unless she and other girls/women are fully and wholly healed, the feminine will never be fully present and healthy to lead, guide and raise healthy, productive future generations. Ellen believes that her life of abuse and trauma, as difficult as it was, is all part of God’s plan and purpose for her to be of servitude to the healing of Eve, the feminine.

We’re Here For You!

Your health , well-being, and
spiritual journey are important to us!